Storage containers (buffer)

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Storage containers (buffer)

Product description

In order to accumulate the heat generated by the boiler, it is recommended for heating systems. It ensures optimal operation of the boiler, allowing it to run at normal power, even if the installation does not require all the heat produced by the boiler. The heat is stored and accumulated in the inert tank, making it available even when the boiler cools down.

Technical Characteristics

  • Removable insulated with 100 mm thickness and PVC outer shell in RAL 9006.
  • Multiple positions for temperature sensor installation.
  • Exterior surface painted with primer.
  • All connections are internally threaded.
  • Input/output connections are at a 180 degree angle
  • Easy installation.
  • Equipped with electric kits with optional power 3kW 4.5KW 6 kW and 7.5kW.