Gas condensing boilers

Quality construction for safety and efficiency

Gas condensing boilers

Innovative design Excellent construction quality Top combustion technology Thermal comfort with maximum economy

Clean combustion means minimal pollutants and a clean environment. But clean combustion also means fuel savings

Λέβητες συμπύκνωσης αερίου

Connection flange
chimney with seats
measurement of fumes

New combustion chamber
from a single stainless steel heat exchanger
large cross-section for maximum
thermal performance and easy

Combustion mixer
with graduation
Power 1:10
for additional
economy in
fuel consumption


Brass plumbing set
for maximum durability
and reliability in operation.

ICS - Smart
combustion system
for economic / ecological
operation and
easy adjustment

gas valve
which operates
with all kinds of gas,
without having to change


Guaranteed safety and efficiency

The ITALTHERM range of gas condensing boilers has been designed for maximum reliability and trouble-free operation even in extreme weather conditions.

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Gas condensing boilers

Clean combustion means minimal pollutants and a clean environment. But clean combustion also means saving fuel. That is why all ITALTHERM boilers are equipped with the ICS (Intelligent Combustion System) with automatic power graduation 1:10.

This system constantly monitors the combustion quality and coordinates the electronic gas valve and the inverter fan, so that the ideal air/gas combustion ratio is always achieved and ensures perfect clean combustion in all operating conditions.

Italtherm boilers are equipped with the new generation of high-efficiency "single stainless steel tube" combustion chambers without connections, have 4 times larger internal water circulation cross-section than that of classic boilers, eliminating the formation of deposits.