Differential solar controller

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Differential solar controller

Product description

- Differential solar controller IS 1: controls the temperature difference between 1 collector and 1 boiler and activates the boiler charging circulator (on/off)

- Graphic display, Greek menu, overheating protection, anti-icing, anti-icing, legionella, anti-blocking, anti-circulator, calorimetry, self-diagnosis functions

Differential solar controller IS 3: controls differential thermostat between 1 collector and 2 boilers, 2 collectors and 1 boiler, or 1 collector and 2 points in 1 boiler and activates two commands (for circulators or valves or burner).

The 1st command proportionally adjusts the pump speed, the 2nd command is on-off-graphic display, Greek menu, overheat protection, anti-freeze, legionella, anti-block, anti-circulator, calorimetry, self-diagnosis functions.


Technical Characteristics