What are the best gas boilers?

Discover Italtherm gas boilers for Reliability and Economy

In the field of gas or LPG heating, the selection of the right gas boilers is critical to achieve high standards of efficiency and durability.

At Alphatech we understand the requirements of industry professionals and offer solutions that combine reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The condensing boilers of the Italtherm are built with durability and performance in mind:

High Quality Materials: Use of durable materials that guarantee longevity and reduced need for maintenance. With the new generation of combustion chambers with 4 times larger internal water circulation cross-section than the tubes of classic boilers, Italtherm boilers eliminate the formation of deposits, eliminating the need for time-consuming maintenance work!

Flexible Installation: Design that facilitates installation in various environments and configurations, with a spacious chamber for any energy inside the boiler!

Alphatech has an extensive range of gas boilers as the exclusive representative of Italtherm in Greece. This range covers every kind of requirement in a number of applications. Using cutting-edge technologies, our boilers offer superior performance and durability, enhancing the reliability of the buildings and installations you design and construct.

Λέβητας φυσικού αερίου Italtherm

What are the differences between gas boilers Italtherm;

Italtherm gas condensing boilers have advanced features that ensure superior performance:

High Efficiency Heat Exchangers: With the new generation of high efficiency "single stainless steel tube" connectionless heat exchanger, Italtherm boilers are designed for maximum thermal efficiency, reducing heat losses and increasing the energy efficiency of the installation.

Ηydrogen ready : Italtherm boilers are designed to operate with mixtures of methane and 20% hydrogen, allowing additional CO2 reduction of up to 22%

Variable speed fans: They provide uniform combustion and power regulation, optimising efficiency and reducing emissions.

Smart Technology Control Systems: With the state-of-the-art electronic valve, which continuously adjusts, with the highest precision of 1:10, they allow full management and monitoring of the boiler operation for optimal performance.

The cooperation with AlphaTech offers professionals in the industry multiple advantages. In addition to the reliability of our products, we ensure price stability and support every step of the way, from selecting the right equipment to installation and maintenance.

Technical Support and After Sales

At AlphaTech we understand the need for immediate and reliable support. Our team of expert technicians are always on hand to offer guidance, technical assistance and advice on the optimum operation and maintenance of gas boilers.

Choosing Alphatech to supply Italtherm gas boilers guarantees not only the acquisition of a reliable and efficient product, but also a partnership that offers stability, support and innovation. At Alphatech we support industry professionals every step of the way, offering solutions that stand out in the modern heating market.

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